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Arrr…Hi Thar Bucko!

3 Oct

Left: Heidi Klum, Right: Mariel Abreu

Heidi Klum

Mariel Abreu

Why does the approach of Halloween make me want to speak like a pirate?? I even went as far as looking up how to say “hi there friend” in a pirate dictionary for this post. I’ve only ever dressed up as a pirate once, promise! Most other years I’ve strategically used pieces in my wardrobe, and my infamous hat that I’ve owed for something like 10 years, to be a witch. This strategy is definitely good on the pockets, but not very fun. Luckily I have friends that are much more creative than that! For today’s post I interviewed my dear friend and fellow fashionista, Mariel Abreu, on the DIY crow costume that she wore 2 years ago. She did an awesome job and looked abso-crow-lutely stunning! (I know I can be a cornball sometimes).

CORAL’S INSPIRATIONS: When did you first come across Heidi’s crow costume and what did you like about it?

MARIEL ABREU: I came across Heidi’s Costume while chatting with a girlfriend and browsing the internet. My girlfriend mentioned she loves Heidis yearly costumes and I should take a look. When I saw the Crow costume I immediately fell in love.

CORAL’S INSPIRATIONS: What inspired you to create your own costume instead of buying one?

MARIEL ABREU: I initially searched to buy a crow costume but what I found was nothing close to Heidi’s. I then set myself up to try and assemble it myself. Didn’t know where to begin.

CORAL’S INSPIRATIONS: Where did you source the materials for the costume? How long did it take to create?

MARIEL ABREU: I sourced out my materials from the garment district in NYC. I figured there I would be able to find all sorts of feathers and fabrics to help me create this costume. I browsed the neighborhood and showed vendors my picture for directions on where feather shops were located. I also researched a bit in the internet. I took me about a week to gather all of my supplies. The costume took me approximately 3 hour or so to put together. It was surprisingly easy.

CORAL’S INSPIRATIONS: Would you say you saved some mula by creating it yourself? How much did you end up spending on it?

MARIEL ABREU: I sure did save some money as I’m sure a custom costume like that would range over the 300 dollar range. I ended up spending aprox 100 dollars in feathers. News to me, feathers are very expensive.

CORAL’S INSPIRATIONS: Would you do it again?

MARIEL ABREU: Absolutely! It was fun, creative and I was the highlight of the Halloween party I attended that year.

CORAL’S INSPIRATIONS: Do you know what you want to be this year? Will you be making your own costume again?

MARIEL ABREU: Not sure yet what I want to be this year but once you venture into creating a unique costume you don’t want to go back. I have been creating my own costume ever since I started to create the crow.

Have we you inspired to try something new and/or DYI this year?


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