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The Shop Your Closet Challenge: Josie Bisono

3 Apr

Closet Challenge - JB 9

In an effort to spend less and save more, my dear friend and fellow fashionista Josie Bisono has decided to take on the challenge to shop her own closet as much as possible for the rest of year, only adding pieces when absolutely necessary. To get her started on her quest I challenged her to style one article of clothing that she already owns 3 different ways; I figured this would help get her creative juices flowing and be a catalyst for staying on track with her goal. She chose to style a leatherette peplum top that’s been hiding in her closet since she bought it a few months ago. Many thanks to Josie for fearlessly taking on this challenge, and letting me document it publicly!

Yours in inspiration,

Wendy Coral

JB: Months ago when I bought this gorgeous faux leather peplum top by Gracia I was so excited with the many possibilities on how I would wear it, unfortunately It ended up sitting in the back of my closet waiting for the right occasion that never seemed to come. So I took on the challenge given to me by my fellow fashionista and finally decided to dust it off and create a few of the looks I had in mind.



JB: I immediately loved the idea of creating a casual look for the very structured leather top. I paired it with some pinky peach skinny jeans from the Gap, added a colorful turquoise necklace that I purchased a few years ago at Banana Republic and added some fun snake print pointy toe pumps from Stewart Weitzman to complete the look. I would also change the shoes and wear flats or gladiator sandals for an even more casual look. In this outfit I picture myself meeting the girls for casual drinks at our favorite bar.


JB: This time around I wanted to keep the look a little trendier so I went with these black and white leggings that I picked up in a boutique in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. I actually wore them last year on my birthday with a bright blue silky top for contrast. The leggings are so cute and fun that I was dying to wear them again with the peplum top. I added sexy booties from Ann Taylor, a stack of gold bracelets by Amrita Singh and a pretty gold necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane for a fun and trendy night outfit. You can also stay on trend by adding a bright pump and clutch for a pop of color.


JB: This look to me says sexy sophisticated lady. I bought this gray BCBG power skirt to add to my work wardrobe but since it’s such a versatile piece I wanted to try it out with the peplum top for a work to drinks look. For work I would add a soft cardigan in a nice pop of color like pink (my favorite color) and add my black pumps. After 6pm I would slip into these hot cheetah print booties from Steven by Steve Madden purchased a few years ago by my sweet beau. I also added a cool tribal style necklace with hints of turquoise for a funkier look.

I had so much fun working with Wendy. It was great seeing my concepts finally come to life and I can’t wait to put together more looks…or help style whoever is ready and up for the challenge next! 


New Feature: The Shop Your Closet Challenge

6 Feb

I have been thinking about adding a new feature to this blog for a while, and i have finally come up with a concept! I wanted to do something that would be in line with the theme of the blog but that would also solicit the input of my readers. In came The Shop Your Closet Challenge.

The intent is that on a monthly basis i would feature someone new. Here are the requirements:
  • Select 1 to 3 inspiration outfits that you will recreate. They can be from anywhere you find them, be it magazines, blogs, pinterest, store windows, etc..
  • Recreate the looks using what you already own. Sound familiar? yes, its what i do here on the blog! The looks don’t have to be the exact same as their inspiration outfits (if you read my blog you know that my outfits are not always exactly the same as the inspirations) but you should be able to tell what inspired you about it. For example, maybe you’re recreating a trend you saw on a trend article, like 2012’s brocade trend, or a particular color combination.
  • Send me pictures of the inspiration outfits and their sources (i.e. links if from the web, magazine name and edition, etc…). Send pictures of you in your outfits. Send a paragraph or two  explaining how you felt about the challenge, what you gained from it (if anything) and what inspired you to pick those outfits.

Simple as that! I think this will be a fun feature and i’m looking forward to seeing what you put together!

…but first, to get your inspiration going, i’ve asked my dear friend (and Editor in Chief of the blog 4 All The Single Ladees) Hope Salley to be my first participant.

Coral’s Inspirations: How did you feel about the challenge, what did you gain from it (if anything) and what inspired you to pick those outfits?
Hope Salley: The Shop Your Closet Challenge allowed me to do something that I’m always scared to do when it comes to fashion – step outside of my box and try something new! I’ve always been worried about putting certain textures and colors together, like celebrities and runway models do, without looking horrible. This challenge gave me the opportunity to do that and realize that I really do have the potential to experiement with fashion that’s in my own closet and actually be successful at putting together a hot outfit!
Hope 3
I loved how the dresses and coats from Rachel Zoe’s collection from New York Fashion Week last year provided movement, and the layering of clothing with multiple pieces, and pop of blue and fuchsia just did it for me. Sass & Bide’s collection from this year’s London Fashion Week is more on the sophisticated side, offering a little sleek, a little sexy and lots of sass. Similar to Rachel Zoe’s collection, I was pleased to see the flow of movement provided by feathered and sheer skirts. Black is and will forever be classy in my eyes, but the silver and white accented intricate designs gave the look lots of personality.
Rachel Zoe Collections Fall 2012

Rachel Zoe Collections Fall 2012


Sass and Bide London Spring/Summer 2013

Sass and Bide London Spring/Summer 2013

Hope 4Hope 5

I think Hope did a fantastic job of recreating her inspiration looks, what do you think? Let me know in the Comments! and if you are interested in participating please send me a note to CoralsInspirations {at} gmail {dot} com.

Arrr…Hi Thar Bucko!

3 Oct

Left: Heidi Klum, Right: Mariel Abreu

Heidi Klum

Mariel Abreu

Why does the approach of Halloween make me want to speak like a pirate?? I even went as far as looking up how to say “hi there friend” in a pirate dictionary for this post. I’ve only ever dressed up as a pirate once, promise! Most other years I’ve strategically used pieces in my wardrobe, and my infamous hat that I’ve owed for something like 10 years, to be a witch. This strategy is definitely good on the pockets, but not very fun. Luckily I have friends that are much more creative than that! For today’s post I interviewed my dear friend and fellow fashionista, Mariel Abreu, on the DIY crow costume that she wore 2 years ago. She did an awesome job and looked abso-crow-lutely stunning! (I know I can be a cornball sometimes).

CORAL’S INSPIRATIONS: When did you first come across Heidi’s crow costume and what did you like about it?

MARIEL ABREU: I came across Heidi’s Costume while chatting with a girlfriend and browsing the internet. My girlfriend mentioned she loves Heidis yearly costumes and I should take a look. When I saw the Crow costume I immediately fell in love.

CORAL’S INSPIRATIONS: What inspired you to create your own costume instead of buying one?

MARIEL ABREU: I initially searched to buy a crow costume but what I found was nothing close to Heidi’s. I then set myself up to try and assemble it myself. Didn’t know where to begin.

CORAL’S INSPIRATIONS: Where did you source the materials for the costume? How long did it take to create?

MARIEL ABREU: I sourced out my materials from the garment district in NYC. I figured there I would be able to find all sorts of feathers and fabrics to help me create this costume. I browsed the neighborhood and showed vendors my picture for directions on where feather shops were located. I also researched a bit in the internet. I took me about a week to gather all of my supplies. The costume took me approximately 3 hour or so to put together. It was surprisingly easy.

CORAL’S INSPIRATIONS: Would you say you saved some mula by creating it yourself? How much did you end up spending on it?

MARIEL ABREU: I sure did save some money as I’m sure a custom costume like that would range over the 300 dollar range. I ended up spending aprox 100 dollars in feathers. News to me, feathers are very expensive.

CORAL’S INSPIRATIONS: Would you do it again?

MARIEL ABREU: Absolutely! It was fun, creative and I was the highlight of the Halloween party I attended that year.

CORAL’S INSPIRATIONS: Do you know what you want to be this year? Will you be making your own costume again?

MARIEL ABREU: Not sure yet what I want to be this year but once you venture into creating a unique costume you don’t want to go back. I have been creating my own costume ever since I started to create the crow.

Have we you inspired to try something new and/or DYI this year?


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