Getting Crafty

13 Feb


I love to read about DIY and crafting projects, often spending hours upon hours scouring through crafty blogs – current favorites and newly discovered ones – and pinterest. I find myself visualizing how i can revamp that basic lamp shade, or that bland Ikea Malm dresser that’s in desperate need of personalization. There have even been times where i’ve gone as far as buying the ingredients needed for the project, but that’s often where the buck ends. Inspiration has not been enough to push me on to the doing.

Well, this year one of my big goals is to get organized. Because i’m not a naturally organized person i need to have systems that make it as easy as possible to keep things neat. As the old adage goes, a place for everything and everything in its place. I have tested this theory for the past few months by simply adding labels with chalk to the front of the aforementioned Malm dresser, and it has worked swimmingly! Keeping those two things in mind, a simple system and a place for everything, plus the fact that i am cheap frugal, i have finally decided to stop thinking and start doing.

Getting organized requires getting organizing tools, such as boxes (lots, and lots of boxes), labels, folders, etc. It also requires that you plan ahead. Since i have already been doing a great job of searching for inspiration, i now needed to compile the projects i want to take on. Like i tell the clients i advise financially, putting a plan on paper makes it more real. I used my Google Drive to create a Google Presentation where i have started to add my inspirations and links to how-to’s. I chose the Google Drive because i can access it from anywhere and add projects at any time. Here is a sample of some of the projects i’m hoping to take on:

Clearly, the most difficult project on my list is the Roman Shades, so i think i will start with what i feel is the easiest, have the biggest impact on my organizing quest, and use the most amount of items that i already own (frugality, remember?), and that is the contact paper wrapped boxes. Stay tuned for a separate post on my box-wrapping adventures and how i use them to get organized!

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    […] do you remember last week when i told you all about my need to get organized and how i wanted to start by wrapping boxes in […]

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