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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

26 Dec

Holiday 2012 - fullHoliday 2012 - hairHoliday 2012 - jewels and topHoliday 2012 - top beading

First and foremost, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

This time of year is truly my favorite. I love gathering with family and friends, and friends that are family, and sharing lots of food, fun and laughter. This time of year also means lots of parties, and usually gives me the desire to go shopping for something pretty and sparkly. Well it turns out i can subside the feeling for just a bit longer. One of my favorite bloggers, Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere, recently posted an article on holiday outfits where she wore a pretty sequined top that reminded me of a very similar one i bought over the summer at Goodwill, i also happen to have a black circle skirt like the one she wore that i got from Apartstyle a while back. Once i saw her outfit i knew i had to recreate the look. I paired the outfit with some patent leather Anne Klein pumps that i got via TJMaxx and was really happy with the outcome. If you’re wondering how i did my hairstyle, check out this great and very easy YouTube video. What will you be wearing this holiday season?



Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head

20 Dec

Rain Drops - bokeh Rain Drops - full smile Rain Drops - side profile Rain Drops - top

I tend to take the pictures for my blog posts on the weekends so i can be sure to catch the day light, which in my opinion is the perfect picture taking light. Unfortunately the Sunday i took these pictures it was dark and rainy all day long. At 2pm it looked like it might have been 5pm. I wasn’t sure how the rain and gloom would affect the look of the pictures, but I’m really glad i didn’t let that stop me from doing the shoot. I really love the effect that the rain drops gave some of the pictures and it turns out that with a little help from the flash the pictures didn’t turn out too dark afterall. What is your favorite time of day for picture taking?

Inspiration outfit

Jamie Scott Sweater

Zara pants

Ink boots via

Jewels c/o my secret santa this year 😀

DIY: Crochet Menswear Scarf

12 Dec

Kesis Scarf - beginning

I learned how to crochet a long, long time ago at around age 10 from my mother. I am super thankful to her for having passed down this great skill to me that i hope to be able to pass down to future generations. In the meantime though, i like to share this gift with others in the form of scarves and blankies and cushion covers, oh my! Yes, i’m a little bit of a crazy crochet lady at times. This time the lucky recipient of one of my crocheted treasures is my boyfriend, K. When i asked him if he wanted me to crochet him a scarf he said ok, but his only request was that it not be a hole-y one. So i set out on an internet search of a tight-knit scarf pattern (pun totally intended!). I found exactly what i wanted in this post. I love how it turned out! do you?

Kesi Scarf - topKesi Scarf - closeup

Prim and Proper

5 Dec

Prim and Proper - full front

Prim and Proper - full side

Prim and Proper - necklaces

Prim and Proper - hair clips

Prim and Proper - bottom

prim and proper - shoes


I have a little confession to make. I find getting dressed for work quite boring. I find it so hard to add pizzazz to my work outfits that i often end up in my sort-of costume of dress pants and a long sleeve tee or sweater. Blah, right? While browsing for inspiration on Pinterest i came across this outfit by personal style blogger Julie Sharp on her blog Orchid Grey. I find it just so cozy and cute, and most importantly not boring!  What do you think?

What i wore:

Sweater: Piccadilly c/o the beau, K

Button up shirt: Custom made in Columbia gifted by a friend

Skirt: Love brand gifted by another friend

Tights: JCrew

Shoes: Report via DSW


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